Saturday, 24 August 2013

August Glossybox 2013 - High-flyers

The August Glossybox is themed 'High Flyers' aiming to feature some of the best brands from all over the world. I have to admit its not a box I was hugely wowed by, but I'll talk you through the contents.

First up I received a Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 eyeliner and eyeshadow, I'm not a fan of Jelly Pong Pong products, they don't feel like high quality and they are not exciting at all. I'm not sure why we keep receiving products from Jelly Pong Pong, but I wish they'd stop.

Oceane Make Up Remover was next in my box, I've never used a product like this, I just use cotton buds when I make a mistake! I feel like the stuff you leave on the tip would transfer back across to the skin when you use it next time, so I'm intreuged to see how it performs.

Next up is a pair of eyelash curlers from Emite, I have two other pairs of eyelash curlers that I've never even used. I should take the time to give them all a whirl and share my thoughts.

Next up is a tube of Tressemme's Platinum Strength Treatment Shot, I'll definitely give this a whirl as I have trying out hair products.

Lastly I got a box containing Aquaphor, which is a soothing skin balm, which is for very dry or even cracked skin. I'm really excited to try this product, I have a few areas on my skin which could do with some nourishment! 

So there you have it, August's Glossybox, it isn't too horrendous, but I don't think it's very exciting either, just a bit blah maybe?

Are you happy with your Glossybox this month?
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