Sunday, 12 May 2013

Update your beauty routines for Spring/Summer

It's really important that you update your beauty routines and make-up drawer for each season, so I'm compiled a few ideas to help you get ready for Spring! Who doesn't appreciate a reason to splurge?!

First of all swap your full coverage foundation for something with a lighter coverage, last year was all about the BB Creams but now we're in full CC Cream swing. The idea is that the BB cream has become more refined so it now targets Colour Correction (CC) more effectively. L'Oreal Paris have released a set of three CC Creams that each target something different in turn; there's one for redness, dullness and tired looking skin. For something a bit more up-market, you could try the Clinque Moisture Surge CC Cream. The benefit of the Clinque CC Cream is that it comes in a ton of different shades so there's definitely going to be one that suits your skin. It's much better to let your skin breathe in the summer months, so a CC cream will help you look glowing all through the Spring and Summer.

The next thing you can to do is change your fragrance, everyone has a favourite fragrance that they like to wear all year round, but wearing something with a summery hint gives you a instant lift. I'd normally recommend Marc Jacobs Daisy for a great summer fragrance, but this year why not try the new "summer" range by Marc Jacobs. The cult classics Daisy and Lola have been reformulated and re-bottled to give the fragrances a summer feel. I couldn't resist a spritz of this when I was in Boots this week with my friend, it smells beautiful. I actually prefer it to the original Daisy.

Another way to give your skin a beautiful glow is to swap powder blushers for cream blushers. Cream blush is a lot lighter and blends effortlessly to give a natural effect. I have a few personal favourites for cream blusher; first of all the Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush is beautiful, they are not too pigmented so it's hard to make a mistake. You can just build up the coverage slowly to the effect you like. For something more pigmented try the cream blushers by Topshop, they are fantastic for quick application and look beautiful.

My last tip is to spritz your hair with a salt spray. Salt sprays are formulated to give the hair a beachy texture, so you get textured sea breeze hair, without a trip to the beach. If you're looking for something high-end you could pick up the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, it's a cult classic and you can't go wrong. However, there are a lot of options on the high street, including L'Oreal Matt and Messy, which I reviewed this week!
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