Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Late Review of January's Birchbox

Sorry for my delay in writing this post, the Birchbox arrived while we were away in Paris and then I had to wait for it to be redelivered and I've only really had my hands on it for a week or so.

Nevertheless I really wanted to write a post about it and tell you guys what I thought. The UK Birchbox comes in a bright pink cardboard box which I love, you definitely don't need to guess what it is when it arrives, although I found it very weird that the box wasn't sealed in any way? So if it was left in my shared porch someone could pinch something from it before it reaches me. The Birchbox also comes with a magazine, it was actually quite a good read and there were a lot of features that interested me. It's also printed on good quality paper which is nice. The actual products inside the box are listed on a card like Glossybox used to do, I'm not sure why they can't be printed inside the magazine, unless they are planning to give different people different boxes in the future.

The actual Birchbox is a distressed brown colour with a big bag inside like Joliebox used to do. I'm not sure what I can use the little bags for in the future, but I'm sure I'll find something, it's definitely nicer than all the bits of cardboard that you get inside Glossybox.This month I recieved four main items in the box:
  1. Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment
  2. KMS Free Shape
  3. Taaj Hand Cream
  4. Wei Age control serum
I was quite impressed with these four items, the only thing I won't use is the Age Control Serum. The I think the KMS Free Shape has been featured in a different beauty box in the past but I've never tried it so I'll look forward to giving that a go. I wasn't even aware that Taaj created other items than their cleansing water, sounds silly but I've never looked them up for alternative items. I have quite a few hand creams to try but I'll definitely give this a go, I really like the packaging. Of course the most exciting item for most people was the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment as they are so hard to find in the UK and so I'm interested to see if they live up to the hype. Inside the box there was also a Beauty and Lifestyle extra which is a nice touch! I'm a big fan of Teapigs but Peppermint products always end badly for my stomach so I'll have to give this a miss. I'll be interested to see if you get a lifestyle extra every month and what they include.

My thoughts? I'd give this a box a 4/5, as the box is actually well suited to me and the products I like, I think this was pure luck though. It was just disappointing to only see four main products. Did you receive the January Birchbox, were you impressed?

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