Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stila Natural Beauty Palette

Ever since the hype began surrounding the Stila In The Light palette I needed to try Stila eyeshadows!
When I was surfing Feel Unique one day I as this little eyeshadow palette and I had to have it! It has a selection of colours that are perfect for me because I don't use anything other than natural colours and they are all really pretty! I'm not too sure about the packaging, it's made of cardboard and doesn't have a proper way to close it so I'm careful not to travel with this and just use it at home! As you can see by my swatches the colours are well pigmented but they are still super easy to blend which is always good!

Overall I really like this little palette, it's really easy to use and the colours are fantastic, I just wish Stila would move to more robust packaging!

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