Thursday, 3 January 2013

Obligatory Christmas Present Post!

I really do love reading what all my favourite bloggers got for Christmas, so I thought I'd share mine with you guys! I'm sorry about my photographs, I'm obviously away from home and the lack of light means naff photos, but I'm sure you'll forgive me!

First up I was gifted an iPad mini by all of Chris' family and Chris which was lovely! It's my new favourite thing and I think it's super glued to my hand! I just need to find an easy way to blog from it and then it can do anything! I love the new camera on the mini! It actually auto focuses so you manage to get a decent photograph! Then from Chris I finally got a Cath Kidston bag (whooop whoop!) I picked out this blue spotty one which is alarmingly big! I actually thought it was the perfect size, but when I'm just going to the shops and things it's practically empty haha! My last big present was my Oakley sunglasses from Chris' Mum and Dad which I love, although I haven't been able to wear them yet as the sun isn't exactly shining!

I was really chuffed to receive Kylie's Abbey Road album in my stocking and Robbie Williams from Chris! They were the two CD's I most wanted and I love them both! Chris also got me Cheryl Cole's tour DVD which I cannot wait to watch! Chris' godparents brought us Jamie's 15 minute meals which is amazing as I really wanted to try it out! I was so chuffed when I unwrapped it, I absolutely love receiving cookery books!

In my stocking I also got the cute owl trinket box which I'd been eyeing up in New Look for ages, an owl photo album and a some fridge magnet pegs!

Chris' godparents also got us this puzzle which is supposed to be impossible, I'm sure we'll have a few arguments trying to complete it! Natalie (Chris' little sister) brought me these cute Body Shop shower gels, she knows me too well!

My little sister brought me lots of cute things (all with a cupcake theme) I thought I'd show you three of my favourites! I love this mug with a cupcake lid and the coasters! If you've written a post on your Christmas gifts let me know with a link, I'd love to read!

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