Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

I think there's something really nice about sharing your New Years Resolutions, I love personal blogger posts, I think it makes a blog extra special when a blogger welcomes you into their world. If you don't like these posts apologies, but I hope you do!

  1. Eat healthy: the ultimate goal of this is to shift some weight, but I'm not going to rest too much on this as I'm relatively happy with myself, but to be psychically more well I need to more healthy. So the initial goal is easy, I want to make sure I eat fruit and vegetables at every meal time, whether that's adding vegetables to pasta dishes or having grapes with breakfast, I want to get fruit and vegetables back into my diet. Also I want to get back into the swing of drinking lots of water.
  2. Be less emotional: I don't stress, I take stress and work completely in my stride, but the area I fail in is being emotional! Now I don't want to change me, I'm an emotional person, I talk about my feelings, I'm a really open person. BUT when I start crying or getting down about very silly things it gets silly.
  3. Save money: in 2013 Chris and I are hoping to buy are first house so we need to save all the money I can, I'm going to start being even more of a savvy buyer and buying what I need.
  4. Read more: I have lots of books going unloved, I want to finish all the books I've started and finally start crossing some off the never ending list.
  5. Graduate and know I've tried my best: May calls for the end of my degree and November calls for Graduation for me and I want to get there in one piece, as I've said I'm a workaholic, I always try the best I can, but I want to make sure that I try my best right till the end and not lose the motivation.
  6. Enjoy the present: I've always been a "what if" kind of girl and I've always lived in the future as I'm always looking forward to the next big thing, so I sometimes miss what's happening in the present! It's time to enjoy the more precious moments!
Please leave me your resolutions, I'd love to hear them! 

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