Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Harts + Crosses

Quite a while ago now I was very lucky to win a competition and was sent some beautiful jewellery from Harts + Crosses, so I thought I'd feature them here! I'm such a big fan of the jewellery makers on bigcartel and Etsy, I think something handmade is super special! I think it's so much better handing your money to a talented person who has made your item especially than a big chain! 

Here's a bit about Hart + Crosses:

"We are Harts + Crosses. An online store, selling jewellery, clothes and accessories. Our jewellery is good quality at affordable prices and is a mixture between home made and wholesale. Home made jewellery is made by me (Nicola). I started making jewellery for myself, until I realised that I love to create pretty things, so decided to open a store. We are now selling: Preloved, Vintage and Brand New items, including clothing, accessories etc."

You can buy from Harts + Crosses here - Nicola provides super cheap postage from £1.40!

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