Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Five Days in Paris

I was recently whisked away to Disneyland Paris for five days for my Birthday and I thought I'd share my trip with you guys!

Chris (my boyfriend) and his family are huge Disney fans and ever since I first met them, all I've ever heard is fun holiday stories about their trips to Disney destinations. I was really excited to hear about my Birthday surprise from Chris as it meant I got to experience the world of Disney for myself. 

We flew out with BA on the Friday morning very early from Heathrow airport and the trip to Disney was so easy! The flight is super quick and you get a nine minute train over to the Disney site and that's it you're there. We checked in and they already had our room ready at around 11am which we thought was really good service. It meant we could drop off our bags and get settled in before setting off for a day in the parks! Just like you guys in the UK Paris experienced a LOT of snow last week, there was a small sprinkling on the Friday when we arrived, but by Sunday there was around seven inches on the ground which made walking around very tiring. Disneyland Paris are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary so there were a lot of special decorations and shows to see which made things extra special.

Luckily, not many people are crazy enough to go on holiday in the snow so Disneyland was empty and all the queues for the rides and the attractions in the parks were super short. The roller coasters at Disney are the best I've ever been on, I used to think rides like Saw in Thorpe Park were fantastic, but these blow them all out the water. I particulary enjoyed the new Tower of Terror in the Disneyland Studios park and as you can see from the photograph below, it scared me every single time we dropped. 

On the Sunday (my actual Birthday) we travelled into central Paris for a look around the tourist sites. This was the day we recieved the most snow, there was around 6 inches on the ground and a LOT of snow falling, we got drenched but it was really magical. I was unfortunately really unwell on the Sunday which kinda ruined things for me, but also when we got to the Eiffel Tower, it was shut. It was a big blow as we'd travelled an hour to get to the tower and walked for 45 minutes in the pouring snow, which was devastating! 

We still had a great day though, we even bought some posh maccaroons and had a fantastic meal in Planet Hollywood when we got back to Disney. I had a really nice steak and they even gave me a free keyring with a photograph of me and Chris in. 
I really enjoyed Disneyland, even as a 21-year-old woman, it unleashes your inner child every time! I had so much fun dancing to the Disney songs and getting my photographs of all the Disney characters (especially Minnie and Mickey!) We obviously had to bring back a souvenier or two, especially as the snow stopped me checking out Sephora in Paris. We bought ourselves these amazing champagne flutes, they are etched with Minnie on one an Mickey on the other and are engraved with our names and the date to make them extra special. We also bought a special Christmas bauble which we can put on our tree every year and remember our trip to Disneyland for my 21st Birthday.

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