Saturday, 1 December 2012

Neom Luxury Organics Travel Candle

I've wanted a Neom candle for longer than I can ever remember, but as we all know, they are rather expensive, so when I heard about the travel versions I had to have one.

The Neom travel candles are still pricey, working out at £15 a pop, but when Feel Unique had them on offer and up for grabs for under £10, I couldn't not buy one. I had no idea which one to buy, I'm really rubbish at knowing what scents to pick on paper, but I'm luckily in the fact that I literally love almost every scent! I chose the Rose and Neroli which I think is quite a strong flowery smell but I love it. On first impressions the candle shocked me and I was actually quite angry at how small it was, I know it's supposed to be a travel candle, but it really is quite small compared to the normal Neom size! That aside, I love this candle, I think it's a great scent and a great little treat! I'm not sure I'll bother with the travel ones next time, I think I'll just bite my lip and fork out for a big one!

You can buy the Neom travel candles from John Lewis for £15 here. 

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