Thursday, 27 December 2012

Last Year I was….TAG

I love tags, I think it’s because at this time of year I tend to be more reflective! So I had a look on the #bbloggers hash tag and found this TAG on @beautyblogpage’s blog ( and I really liked the questions! 
QUESTION 1 – What was the best thing that happened to you last year? And what was the best thing that happened to you this year?
The best thing that happened to me in 2011 was getting the opportunity to film at Glastonbury and it was absolutely amazing and a fantastic experience. Although it does seem like forever ago as it was in my first year of University and now I’m in my last! Amazing how time flies! It’s hard to pick the best thing that’s happened this year, I’ve had some fantastic experiences, one of the best was getting to film a documentary in Abbey Road Studios as that really is once in a lifetime! But I also had one of the best nights of my life watching Professor Green live in Cambridge! I also got some great marks in my end of year modules at University with our film Goodchild, so it’s been great year! 

QUESTION 2 – What was you fashion sense like last year? What was your fashion sense like this year?
I have to admit I don’t really follow fashion, mainly because I look ridiculous in most things! This time last year I was addicted to wearing black leggings with different kinds of pretty dresses! But for the last few months I’ve kind of moved into jeans with nice tops and my favourite hoody, I also have fallen for TOMS and Vans, now owning a pair of each, I only ever used to wear dolly shoes!

QUESTION 3 – What was your makeup style like last year? What was your makeup style like this year?
I’d say that my actually style of make up hasn’t changed, I still wear very natural make up with big eyelashes! I just know a lot more about make up and how to apply it, I now have moved into liquid foundation and own a full set of make up brushes! I also use blusher now and I never ever used to wear blusher!

QUESTION 4 – What was your hair like last year? What was your hair like this year?
Probably the biggest change for me! I finally cut in my full fringe this year and I love it! 

QUESTION 5 – What were your ambitions like last year? What are your ambitions this year?
My ambitions last year were to get into the ITV talent pool, to get some experience with a big broadcaster, to be less stressed, to do well in University etc. Not much has really changed, except this year I’ll be hoping to finally be graduating with a great degree and to just do my best and to find a graduate job that I love!
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