Sunday, 9 December 2012

17 Blow Out Mascara

I'm really, really loyal to my macara and in fact I hate trying anything new because I hate being disappointed! I love thick eyelashes that are long and jet black, I know that people will be terrified by this, but I like the volume and I have such small facial features that I need the definition!

The mascara I always use is Rimmel's Extra Super Lash (£4.99) and it's amazing and pretty well priced! Despite all this I did pick up a tube of 17's Blow Out Mascara to give a go. I was excited by it's claims:

"Blow lashes out of all proportion with our full bodied, super stylin’ mascara, now in BLACKEST BLACK! The thickening & conditioning formula enriched with Vitamin E & Argan Oil boosts lash body, then sets & holds for long lasting lift. Our big-barrel brush sculpts & teases every lash for bigger, bolder, bouffant lashes"

And to be honest? It didn't do too bad (if you excuse my make-up-less face). I was really quite impressed! It was pretty damn good at getting the results I wanted, thick and long lashes in two coats. The only thing I didn't like was that the formula was quite dry and the mascara was actually more expensive than my favourite! I think for now I'll stick with my Rimmel mascara, but it will be a good option if mine ever gets discontinued!

What do you look for from a mascara?

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