Monday, 5 November 2012

Topshop Highlighter: Crescent Moon

For the longest time I was obsessed about getting my hands on Sunbeam, I was always lusting over it on the Topshop website, ebaying it, including it on Weekly Wants, reading reviews. I'm so glad that I didn't cave and buy it because I would never have known about Crescent Moon!
went into Topshop on a whim a little while ago, I avoid Topshop as I'm plus size and always feel awkward in there, but I was armed with my best friend and feeling more confident than usual. Went over to the make up stand and went to pick up Sunbeam when I noticed this on next to it. It's the same formulation, the same cute packaging but instead of the gold toned powder it's a super wearable pink toned highlighter, much more wearable in the winter! As you can see by the swatch the shade is gorgeous and natural!

The only thing I wish this product has is a mirror, which is weird as Sunbeam has one!

Crescent Moon retails at £10 and is available here.

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