Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Gifts #2 - Body Shop Stocking Fillers

For part two of my Christmas Gifts posts, I thought I'd speak about the range of Body Shop gifts. Now it's no secret that I love the Body Shop, which normally means we end up splashing out on Body Shop gifts for our friends and family! I'm probably biased but I think The Body Shop items make fantastic gifts and I think it's nice to have something that smells great for your shower/bath on Christmas day! This year is no different, me and Chris found ourselves on The Body Shop website picking out little gifts, there are some really great items out there!

First up is something you've probably seen before, The Body Shop cube! The Body Shop have these all year round, they just change up the packaging depending on the season! I imagine this is a great seller for The Body Shop as they retail for £6 and make a really cute little present! We decided to pick up the Mango, Shea and Coconut versions for some ladies in Chris' family! They retail for £6 each and there is a scent for everyone.

I really couldn't resist this, the contents are pretty much the same as above, but instead of the lotions you get a strawberry soap! There are so many women in my life that I know would love one of these and I'm sure you do too! Sadly they only come in Strawberry and Chocolate varities, which definitely limits who might like them as not everyone loves strong scents, but I think they look fantastic! These are £5 each!

These are probably my favourite item from the Body Shop, the uber cute Wash Balls, they come in the Reindeer and Snowman designs as seen below and also in a Christmas Pudding design which I just love! They cost a tiny £3 each which I think is amazing, I think they are so cute!

As always with the Body Shop we brought all our Christmas gifts with a special deal where when you brought 4 items from the Body Shop you got two of them free, so we got 8 Christmas gifts for under £20! So if you have the time, wait it out there's always an offer to be had! 

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