Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Polish Collection: Part Two

So today I thought I'd post about the second half of my polish collection!

I recently had a big sort out of all my nail polishes, it was all getting a bit unorganised and out of hand! Where I had them all out I thought it would be a great chance to take some photographs and show you my collection! I've seen a lot of collection posts recently and I really love looking through and being nosey! As a pre-warning, this is a photo heavy post so I've decided to do it in parts. Also I sorted it all out at night, so the photographs are not as good as they could be, sorry about that! I hope you enjoy looking through, let me know if you like this, I might do a make up collection post! 

Topshop Collection:

We all know how much I love this brand, I love the colour range, I love the staying power, I love the application! Also, you cannot deny the gorgeous packaging!

Leighton Denny:

I recently wrote a post about these, Leighton Denny is one of my favourite brands! I hope I get more polishes made by him soon!

Barry M:

Every polish these guys make is fantastic! The perfect cheap brand!

OPI Collection:

A common favourite, a perfect high end brand!

Andrea Fulerton:


A brand that is home to some of the cult, most sort after polishes, in particular Fantasy Fire, well worth the money! I love the size of these because I hate when I don't use up a polish before it goes off!


As I just mentioned, I do like to try and add minis to my collection, mainly because I just have so many that they are all in danger of going off before I use them! 

Odds and Ends:

Models Own nail art pens are fantastic value for money and even better when you can get them on special offer! I love the Ciate polishes, they are fantastic, but again they are expensive, I desperately want some more for my collection! I've recently reviewed the Essie Good to Go top coat, hopefully you've seen it!

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