Thursday, 4 October 2012

My First Ever MAC Goodies

If you follow me on Instagram (my username is missusher3) you will have seen me post this picture documenting my first ever MAC items! I did get stupidly excited but a girls first ever MAC purchases have to be documented right?
Especially if you've nearly reached 21! I recently received a Selfridges voucher from WIMH to thank me for referring people to the site and as soon as I got it I knew I had to buy some MAC goodies. They come packed so cutely in the Selfridges box, which is boring and white on the outside and then you open it and get hit with the bright yellow inside! Which I love! It is filled with lots of cute tissue paper and stickers which all adds to the excitement! Yes, if you're wondering why Selfridges charge a stupid amount for delivery, it will definitely be down to the packaging! Because I brought the Real Techniques brushes I knew I needed to invest in the brush cleanser and then I chose a beautiful blusher!

Do you remember your first ever MAC?

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