Sunday, 28 October 2012

Instagram Week #3

So I'm back with another Instagram week! I really love Instagram, it's a really good way to share photographs, because my Blackberry is so rubbish I like taking a nice photo on my iPad! Plus I then just click share and it goes anywhere I want it really quickly, but via Blackberry it takes about seven years! So yeah I love Instagram!
  1. I love French Fancies and I love the Halloween ones! After watching the Great British Bake Off, it's safe to say I'll never be making my own!
  2. Chris and I made our own carrot cakes and they tasted amazing!
  3. If you've been reading my blog a while you'll remember that I worked on Surprise, Surprise and it finally was time for it to be shown on TV, very exciting!
  4. For one of my University projects I'm looking into Macro and I really love it!
  5. I'm readying Cheryl Cole's book at the moment and it's amazing! Don't have any reservations, it's a great book!
  6. Owls are actually taking over my life, I need everything with Owls on, in my house! How cute is this doorstop?
  7. Friday was a great day because I saw Bond and then went for a cheeky Italian at Bella Italia, I got home absolutely shattered, so me, Cheryl and a giant cuppa got into bed!
  8. I'm trying to master the homemade latte, it's harder than it looks, but I love my robin mug! So cute!
  9. I did a bit of shopping on next and really enjoyed buying some penguin gloves!
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