Monday, 22 October 2012

Essie Good To Go

I've been looking for a good topcoat for a while now, I have been using Leighton Denny's One For All, but I wanted something more niche.
There's not much you can say about top coat really is there? But I tend to look for three things, number one: does it smudge my colour? A lot of cheaper top coats seem to smudge the colour on the nail instead of enhancing it and making it last! It's really quite irritating when this happens as it means you get that icky bit in the middle of your nail which has no colour and that really defeats the objective. Luckily this just glides over with no fuss and doesn't take the colour with it! Number two: does it dry quickly? Yes it does, actually it dries uber fast, impressively fast! Number three: does it last? I have to say this top coat has lasted pretty well on my nails! My nail polish has avoided chips and scuffs whilst enhancing the colour underneath and making it look swish! I picked this up from Beauty Expert for £6 with free delivery which in my opinion is an absolute bargain! Unfortunately I can't seem to find it there now, but it's available at Boots for £8.99 in a different packaging. I hope that doesn't mean it's been reformulated!

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