Monday, 10 September 2012

Roo Beauty Storage Box

After getting increasingly more fed up of storing all my make up in random Glossyboxes that stacked as high as my ceiling, I decided it was time to invest in something a little more organised.
It gave me a good excuse to sort through all my bits and pieces and chuck out everything that I was never going to use! I have to admit this was a bit of an impulse purchase as I noticed Roo Beauty had a sale and this beauty was half price. So instead of a whopping £50 this only set me back £25. The official name of this beauty case is 'Burmese Black Beauty Case'. If you visit the Roo Beauty website, you can see there are a LOT of different cases to choose from. I really love this case, it's got all my make up bits and pieces all in one place in a stylish and organised fashion. I'll just leave you with some more pictures and a few of the benefits! 
  • The little dividers in the trays move, so you can have each section as big or small as you like!
  • The case is lockable, so if you're travelling or want to hide it from younger siblings it is ideal!
  • It does of course have the handle so its easy to travel with.
  • It is super light (obviously depends on what you store inside, but the case itself is lightweight! 
  • As well as the fold out drawers you have the big space in the bottom, at the moment I've just put two Glossyboxes inside (which fit with ease) and I could definitely fit two more on top again if I wanted.  

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