Sunday, 9 September 2012

Collection: Primer and Fixer

I brought these on a bit of a whim, I wanted to try the pink shimmer shades and there was a three for two offer on, so thought I'd try these!
Firstly I love the packaging, I think I have a bit of a thing for black packaging; it looks sleek, it looks stylish. I love the shiny pink writing too (even if it is a nightmare to photograph!). These are available in Boots and Superdrug and retail for £5.99 each, although they often have £2 off. 

Sadly my bottle of primer seemed half empty, which I've emailed Collection about and I'm yet to have a response. The primer is a thick, smooth consistency which makes it easy and smooth to apply. It's reletively unsented, it doesn't smell of anything in particular! For some reason I expected the texture to be quite oily, but it wasn't which was nice and it actually left my skin feeling nice and refreshed. The main problem I had was that there wasn't really any instructions, so I have no idea how much you have to apply to acheive the best results, so I just had to guess.

The fixer was so easy to use. It had direct instructions on the back, saying how to use, how much to use, how far to hold the spray from your face, simple! You just hold 25cm away and spray between 2 and 4 times and it covers your face in a mist. It does leave your face feeling quite wet but it dries quickly.

I did notice that my face looked a lot better after a coat of primer which I really like, but did it leave my make-up flawless? No probably not. Did it look better after a days wear? Yes I'd say so, but in no way flawless!
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