Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Photo A Day: September

This month I've been taking part in a photo a day, which I hope to keep up! I thought I'd share the pictures with you once a month at the end of the month! Let me know if you like this or if you'd like to see them once a week or something different? I've been a bit slack this month and there isn't one for every single day which sucks! Hopefully next month will be better!

1st of September: Two of our beautiful friends got married and it really was a lovely wedding! How beautiful is the bride?!

2nd of September: The beach huts at the seaside

3rd of September: Boiled eggs and soldiers! Craving sorted!

4th of September: Cuppa?

5th of September: Leftover easter goodies!

6th of September: Me and Chris went to Macro and brought the biggest box of Haribo Jellybabies!

7th of September: Trying something new! Peppered grillsteaks!

8th of September: Building our new shelves!

9th of September: I missed my candles when we were gone for the summer!

10th of September: Our beautiful ornament that I finally unpacked!

11th of September: Catching up on my piles of washing!

12th of September: My owl bag arrived!

13th of September: not so unlucky, I won a competition!

14th of September: My gift from WIMH arrived!

15th of September: I officially started writing in my Dissertation book!

16th of September: Cupcakes from Sarah Bakes!

17th of September: I stupidly thought I brought a full size watch and had actually rbought a ring watch! Gutted!

18th of September: FOTD!

19th of September: Dissertation Business cards arrived!

20th of September: Cake baking!

21st of September: MY FIRST EVER MAC

22nd of September: Hedgehog in the garden!

23rd of September: Body Shop Shopping!

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