Friday, 10 August 2012

Body Shop Haul

So once again I fell straight into the Body Shop trap of shopping. I say once again, I actually haven’t shopped in the Body Shop since February after placing a massive order, so I’ve not done too bad! They recently had a 50% off voucher when you spent £50 so I just had to place an order, it would have been rude not too! Anyway, here’s what I brought!

Cool Brit Toiletry Bag £6: I absolutely love this bag, in fact I loved the whole range as soon as it came out, plus I needed a bigger make up bag, so for £3 I could not resist!

Coconut Body Mist, Vanilla Body Mist and JapaneseBlossom Fragrance £7 each: I’m actually running out of perfumes very quickly and saving to buy the Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume, so I wanted something to tide me over, these were fantastic value at £3.50 and smell divine!

Cheek Colour £8.50: I’m on a bit of a blusher hype at the moment and I’ve always wanted to try the Body Shop Make Up so it looked like a great time to try one!

Concealer £9: I’m always buying concealers, I try to have a wide range of colours, types and finishes so I can use one best applicable to the task, so I thought this one would be great to try for £4.50!

Twin Ball Massager £6: I’m a sucker for a good massage as I suffer from neck and back problems, these tools are great as they apply the pressure just how I need it to relieve the pain and for £3 I had to add this to my collection!

File-a-foot £4.50: I think having good looking feet is important all year round, but especially in the summer when you want to rock sandals! So I thought I’d try this, I already use Body Shops Pumice stone and I love it!

Wild Rose Hand Cream £5: My hands are in rubbish condition at the moment,  so I’m trying everything I can to get them in better shape! 

I also went to Portsmouth recently where they had the Lily Cole make-up range in stock and I was over the moon! I brought three pieces from the range and a bottle of fuzzy peach shower gel for just £12! Amaze balls!  

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