Friday, 8 June 2012

A pair of polka dot essentials

Just a quick post today to share with you two of my summer essentials, which strangely both have polka dots, I'm not addicted, promise.

I placed a little order with Matalan recently for a mug tree (yes a mug tree) as my cupboards are over flowing and naturally I had to check out the summer section! I loved these little flip flops for a bargain £2, these will be great on the way to the pool! Plus they are polka dot, plus they have a cute flower! Also I picked up this beach bag, which I love! I did tell Chris I'd get a blue one so he didn't feel so camp holding it, but for some reason he didn't care. Win-win! We really needed a bag to put our swimming stuff in, Chris' mum always forces us to use one that I'm pretty sure is older than me! It's hideous and I hate it! So I brought this to avoid social humiliation! A bargain at £4 though and its a great size!

Holiday is very soon! YAY!

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