Thursday, 28 June 2012

Meet the Brand: Scarlett Hearts

These little independent jewellery makers are taking over my life, I've gone from hating wearing any jewellery except my Pandora and special necklace from Chris, to wanting to wear everything! Anyway A Sprinkle of Glitter mentioned this little brand Scarlett Hearts on her Youtube recently and I instantly started googling to find them! I found them very easily and fell in love! Here's their bio;

"We are a small, independent company running an online boutique of handmade jewellery and accessories. Each piece is handmade, and we prefer it this way. This means every customer knows the piece they receive is filled with love. Everything in our store is inspired by the people we know and our favourite things.

We want your friends to be envious of your jewellery, ask where your got it and for you to recommend us, based on our products and customer service. Who doesn’t like a small compliment now and again?!

You need an ever expanding jewellery box, not an empty purse, so here at Scarlett Hearts, we charge what we would wish to pay. We're not a "regular" store, simply a one-woman company set up out of a spare room, and we strive to add new products each week (and if you're lucky, sometimes daily!) so that you can keep up with trends at a fraction of a regular store's price. 

So have a little look around and don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while. <3"

I fell in love straight away with a piece called Caught Up which was out of stock and I've been paitently waiting for it to be available again, and finally HERE IT US.

Scarlett Hearts is fantastic, the jewellery is of a great, high quality and is fantastically priced! What's better is that the delivery is super quick! I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived! They charge a flat postage rate of £2.50 in the UK and £4 everywhere else, which is a little steep as mine came in a large letter, but I think this just gives you an excuse to buy more bits and pieces to get your monies worth ha!

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