Saturday, 30 June 2012

Body Shop Home Fragrance

I just wanted to write a very quick post about a little favourite of mine!

It seems like forever ago that I actually wrote about The Body Shop, I had a bit of a love affair with them, spent way too much money, brought everything I lusted over and now am just working my way through everything I brought. The only thing I've repurchased recently are these lovely Home Fragrance Oils and I really need to have a bit of a rave about them!

A while ago I brought myself an oil burner, I was on a bit of a self indulgent journey into fragrance, candles and stress relief.  I brought a lavender scent and a green tea and lemon and absolutely fell in love (Chris also loves them which is saying something). They smell DEVINE, you can actually smell them drifting their way around your house and it's actually noticeable when you walk in! What's better is that they last a long time and you can make the smell as weak or strong as you like by adding the amount of drops you like! 

They are also super cheap, so when me and Chris ran out of Green Tea and Lemon, we ventured to The Body Shop and purchased some newbies!

I thought I'd just share the smells I brought and what they are supposed to do;
Aloe & Soft Linen: Fresh aroma, helps revitalise the spirit
Sandalwood & Ginger: Spicy, woody aroma, helps sharpen the senses
Mandarin & Tangelo: Zesty aroma, helps invigorate the senses
Green Tea & Lemon: Lively aroma, helps refresh the mind
What do you think of oil burners?
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