Saturday, 12 May 2012

Little Haul

A few days ago Chris surprised me to a cheeky date afternoon, we don't really make the time for each other that we used to, so it was cute to have a few moments for us for a change! Anyway we went to the cinema to see American Pie: The Reunion, WHICH I LOVED. It was great and I highly recommend it if you like that type of humour! We also went for a little spot of shopping and here are a few things that I brought that I wanted to share with you!

So firstly I got this MEGA CUTE little glass pot.
I have to admit I have blogged about these things before as I already have two! They are actually little tealight holders but I put them on my dressing table to store brushes and lipsticks and stuff! An absolute bargain for £3 from Next.

Chris treated me to my first Models Own nail polishes, I just had to buy a very cute Navy colour and of course the Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix, I love them both and they were an absolute bargain at 2 for £8! Also in Boots I had a voucher to get this 17 glitter eyeshadow, it was at like £2 and it looks like it will be a beaut crease colour!

Now this one is a bit cheeky as I didn't actually buy it in the same haul, but me and my friend Amber had to buy one of these lovely mugs from Whittard's, absolute bargain as they were on sale for £3!

Lastly I brought two new dresses, I just love this little dress from New Look, it's normally £24.99 but with double student discount it took it down to £19.99. This little black dress is from H&M for £7.99, I was after something like this for a while and thought it was great for wearing with my blouses!

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