Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chris' 21st Celebrations!

This time last week I was away for the weekend celebrating Chris' 21st birthday, it was such a great weekend and I just wanted to share a few pictures with you!
I do like putting little posts like this up as it shows a bit more about my life than just beauty and lifestyle products that I do get into a habit of posting! By the way, I am sorry about the delay I've got doing on at the moment, Uni has been beyond busy so I've had trouble keeping up with things! Hope you like these piccies anyway! 

Our living room at home, all beautified with 21st birthday themed items!
I got Chris 21 presents and here are a few I brought before heading home for the weekend!
Chris with his cake his parents brought him!
I had this little glass made for Chris for his celebrations so he had something special to keep!
IGNORE this disgusting picture of me!
Here's a close up of his cake, the helmet is an exact replica of his own helmet and his go kart!
Photo of his pressies from the weekend!
Yes the lucky sausage got two cakes! This one is from me! I wanted something fun!
YES he's asleep, in the club. What a mess.

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