Thursday, 31 May 2012

Free Ciate with Marie Claire

T'is the season for magazine freebies, la la la la la, la la la la! Sorry couldn't resist!

Lots of beautiful magazines are giving away freebies this month, so snap them up while you can! My favourite is this free Ciate polish with every issue of Marie Claire - bargain! I LOVE Ciate polish!

The most popular of course though is the free Benefit minis with issues of Glamour, you can pick up either a Bad Gal mascara, POREfessional or That Gal and the magazine only costs £2! 

Another one you may be interested in is a free Leighton Denny nail polish with Brides Magazine and a free top in Elle!

Harper's Bazaar is also giving away a free Leighton Denny polish in their issue which is released on the 4th June.

Just to keep you all in the loop, next months Glamour comes with a free Balance Me product and Marie Claire is coming with a choice of Avon mascaras!

Weekly Wants #15 - Shoes


Meet The Brand: Too Faced Cosmetics

Until a very short while ago I knew very little about Too Faced, it's a brand that the girls on BBS talk a lot about, so I thought I'd do a little but of research! Unfortunately I really struggled to find a lot of information anywhere, I'm not sure if this is because they are an American brand or something? But they don't seem to have a UK website and are only stocked in places like Boots, ASOS and Debenhams? I did find this little bio on ASOS;

"The brainchild of Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, Too Faced began creating custom-blend formulas for their celebrity clientele. Today, Too Faced are renowned for their cutting-edge quality products with a fashion influence, producing vibrant, pigmented colours."

So basically my research was a bit of a flop, I'd love to hear from some of you ladies if you know a bit about the brand?

Anyway, I found these beauts lurking in my drawers recently, I'd love to know where I got them from and when! They are two single eye shadows in Bob's Your Uncle and Dirt Bag. I love the names of these little shadows very cute!

Getting product information on these is a bit of pain but I did manage to find this little bio on Debenhams and it was pretty similar on boots;

"Revamped renewed and magnificent these shadows have been created in the true Hollywood tradition of jam-packed glam and meet the highest formulation standards to ensure long-wear glamorous colour and endless eye shadow combination options. Long-wearing crease-resistant and pigment-drenched the Too Faced eye shadow collection includes stylishly chic shades. "

I really love the packaging of these beauties, I'm actually quite scared to use them! But I will and bring you some swatches in the near future! I think they will make a really nice crease colour!

If you want to treat yourself to some of these, you can grab them at;
Boots for £13.50 -
Debenhams for £5.25 - 

And I've heard that TK Maxx sell these rather cheaply in store!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Meet the Brand & Haul: ELF

I just wanted to share with you a little haul I did on ELF last week, so I figured while I did that I could research a bit about ELF and let you girls know a bit about them! 


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

NOTD: Barry M Metallics

Today's NOTD is Barry M's Metallic Red. I cannot express my love for this polish more, it's truly fantastic and what's better? IT ACTUALLY works, it's simple, it's easy and it works! Yay for Barry M, well done for making a metallic polish that does what it says on the tin!

The range comes in four colours and each metallic colour comes with its own uniquely designed magnet. Collect the whole range to mix and match colours and effects! The instructions are very similar to every other metallic polish on the market, but just in case you're not familar with this product;

1. Apply a base coat and once dry a single coat of your magnetic nail paint.
2. Once dry... work with one nail at a time by applying the second coat of the magentic nail paint and immediately (while the nail paint is still wet) hover the magnet over the nail using the cap’s ridge as your guide.
3. Hover the magnet for at least 5 to 10 seconds (being careful not to touch the nail with the magnet). 

This range retail at for £4.99 and our available at;

Photo from Barry M website


Monday, 28 May 2012

MUA release new palette

MUA release new palette

Over the last weekend MUA have dedicated most of their Facebook page to the big reveal of their latest eyeshadow palette, revealing one colour at a time! Everyone loves a good MUA palette, they are fantastic value, the colours are well pigmented and they are very cheap! Win, win! By Sunday morning they had released half the palette, a lush combination of neutral colours! I was pretty excited to learn about this new palette, it looks fantastic! It did, of course get better!

The palette is called UNDRESSED and I'm sure you've noticed it's a perfect dupe for the Naked palette and is going to cost you less than a fraction of the price! The palette is quite similar to the Heaven and Earth palette, but focusses on shimmery shades and has a lot more neutral shades, which for me is perfect. I don't think I'll ever own too many neutral shades!

12 shadows for £4 how can you go wrong?! Especially when it's made by MUA, anything they seem to make turns into gold Check out my other reviews of MUA palettes here.

This palette will be available in selected Superdrug stores from July 2012 and soon to be available online.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this! 

***Pictures from MUA's Facebook page***


New ELF for my collection

I have started a bit of a love affair with ELF, tempted weekly by their deals each weekend. I have to admit they are a bit hit and miss, but when they are good, they are very good! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago ELF did an offer on the Glossy Gloss, if you spent a certain amount you only paid £1 for the gloss. It was quite a high amount so a few of the BBS girls chipped in and brought the stuff all together to get the offer! I've become a bit obsessed with my eyebrows recently, I want them to be PERFECT. So I really wanted to try this Eyebrow Lifter and Filler. Now as I was saying, the products that tend to be VERY good with ELF are the professional/studio line. First of all, I LOVE the packaging! It's very sleek and nice. 

I picked up the Eyebrow Lifter and Filler in medium and ivory. Here's what ELF say about it;

"Create polished and defined brows for a flawless fuller look! The “lift” pencil’s sheer light-reflecting pigments act as an arch support under the brows to enhance and outline the shape for a more youthful and awakened look. While the “fill” pencil shades in the eyebrow to blend in the natural shape, fill in any sparse areas and define the lines.

Use the “lift” pencil’s sheer light-reflecting pigments as an arch support under the brows to enhance and outline the shape. Trace a curved line underneath the eyebrow and blend down into brow bone. Use the “fill” pencil to shade in the eyebrow, then blend into the natural shape of the brow for more defined lines."

I've found it really good for when I've been in a rush and I can't be bothered to sit with my Brow Zings kit and slave away! It was very handy for my night away when we headed to Abbey Road, didn't sleep and had to rush to get ready! It was actually really easy to use and blend! I normally just use concealer and a light eyeshadow on my arch so it's been nice to try something else!

The other thing I asked the lovely lady from BBS to order me was one of the Glossy Gloss' in Dragon Fruit. Here's the bio;

"Looking for ultra shine without the shimmer? Glossy Gloss is here! Our high shine, pigmented Glossy Gloss delivers a beautiful sheen and a rich tint of color to your pout. Great for wearing alone or over your favorite e.l.f. Cosmetics lipstick, lip pencil, or any lip color for a vivid gloss effect. The Vitamin E infused formula provides intense hydration and moisture, for lip pucker perfection!"

I am also trying to branch out into lip products; my lips are horrendously small and I've never used lipgloss/lipstick or even balms! So I thought I'd try this for the sake of a quid! It's actually a lovely colour, I love the brush and I can't wait to use it properly!


Monday Motivation #7

Monday Motivation #7

I know this is not directly motivational or even inspirational, but this is an important one for me, as it's something I always forget. I often act in haste, not thinking of the bigger picture or the future in front of me. Always ask yourself if what you're doing is something you'll regret in the future.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Body Shop release Cool Brit range

All sorts of shops and brands have been releasing products this year to celebrate the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee, it's a great year for Britain and it definitely needs to be celebrated! Next on the band waggon is The Body Shop. They've released four new products for us to get our teeth into all named "Cool Brit". Firstly a nail file retailing at £2, a toiletry bag retailing at £6, a compact mirror retailing at £5 and lastly a bag for life, retailing at £4! I love the range, it's very fresh and it's a great design! My favourites are the mirror and toiletry bag, I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Also, if you're a Body Shop addict like me you'll notice their website has had a little revamp!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beautiful Ebay Bargains

I was a little bit inspired by Louise's post for this little blog post, I spend sooo much time on Ebay looking at cute accessories that I LOVE but if I brought them all I'd have no money to live, so I thought I'd share some of the beauts that are always in my watching section! They are all so pretty and great value for money! Bargain!

For some reason I'm becoming more and more obsessed with Owls, I just want everything and anything that happens to be an owl or is printed with an owl pattern! I love this little doorstop, it's just beautiful! So querky and would definitley cheer up my living room! Doorstops are underated! It's only £7.50 and £1 postage


I actually wish I didn't already have about seven cake tins sitting in my cupboards as I think my life would be significantly improved by having these beauties in my life! They are so cute and girly! Cake tins tend to be something that is actually quite expensive, which I've never understood, but these are quite cheap

I really want to get some lovely bunting to hang around my living room, if I had my way or the money I'd hang it everywhere, but I'd ideally love about 2 metres worth to hang across my fireplace. There are sooo many to choose from that I just can't pick a favourite! The first set is £1.99 with £1.60 to cover the posting costs. The second set with lots of little flowers is £4.50. I just think its very cute and a great way to add a bit of colour!

Another thing I'm always tempted to buy on Ebay is cute, shabby chic photo frames, they are just always something that catches my eye even though I have a fireplace full of frames. Still doesn't stop me browsing! I've got such a love of little hanging frames, I don't really know why as I don't actually have anywhere to hang them ha! I just know that when we move I'll have holes with shabby chic things hanging on the walls everywhere! The first ones are available here for £3.50, the standing heart with the buttons is available here for £4.99, and the brown one is available here for £5.99.


Friday, 25 May 2012

Kukee Winner

Just wanted to quickly share with you this little ring I won from Kukee on her blog competition, I love that it's a little camera, very me!

I reccommend you Kukee to all of you, the owner is wonderful and very talented and the prices are great!


May 2012: Happy Birthday Glossybox

Yes I did say I'd never pay £12.95 for a box of random goodies that I probably won't like, but I didn't! I got this box through TopCashback and I had a free delivery code so I paid a grand total of £3. The box would have to be pretty bad to not be worth £3! 

So firstly, Happy Birthday Glossybox!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

NOTD: Nails Inc

Todays NOTD is Nails Inc Belgrave Place. I have to admit I've fallen a bit head over heels with Nails Inc which is a shame because it's pretty expensive for a nail varnish! This bottle comes in at £11 a pop, ouch. Luckily I swapped this, which is why the bottle is a bit damaged and stuff! Sorry about the lack of pictures, I completely forgot to take a photograph of this except one I quickly took on a whim!

Nails Inc Belgrave Place is available here for £11.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Feeling patriotic? Celebrate with OPI!

Feeling patriotic? OPI have released a series of Jubilee OPI collections especially for our queen! I love the beautiful colours and the idea! How doesn't want to celebrate the Jubilee with your nails?! I just wanted to share these beauts with you, the Buyapowa version is only around for a matter of hours, that's if it's not already been and gone! Cheeky!

Buyapowa Edition:

"To kick off Ma'ams diamond day, we've got something exceptionally regal for you to indulge in. That something's OPI's Great Britain, Great Nails Jubilee Designer Series. So when those Jubilations start rocking with Queenie & Co; you'll be safe in the knowledge that your doing your bit for this monumental occasion, whilst having gorgeous nails. Perfect! 
Better still, you could get yours at a really unique price, thanks to the way BuyaPowa enables everyday shoppers to come together and access the amazing bulk-buy discounts only large retailers usually enjoy. And as for the shipping- we'll whisk it to you for just £1.75.

This royally stylish set contains: OPI DS Bold Nail Lacquer-15ml: This glittery red demands attention in the most regal way possible; OPI DS Magic Nail Lacquer-15ml: This sizzling sapphire hue which is certain to rock your world and an OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover- 30ml which is more effective than traditional polish remover, removing even the darkest shades of nail lacquer. It is fast, non-drying and has pleasant fruity-citrus aroma. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!"

"OPI Exclusive Jubilee Collection is a trio of nail polishes to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Create a patriotic manicure this summer to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne with this exclusive OPI Collection. These classic Red, White and Blue shades are fit for a queen and will ensure your nails are in perfect condition to celebrate the Jubilee in style this summer!

Did You Know? OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application.

Collection Contains:

  • Big Apple Red 15ml - If you're looking for the ideal red nail polish to make a splashing statement look no further. Not too blue, and not too orange, this is the perfect blend of red!
  • Alpine Snow 15ml - Alpine snow is one of the best-selling OPI lacquers, whether you’re looking to create stark white nails or a fabulous French manicure – a must for everyone’s collection!
  • Blue My Mind 15ml - This electric blue has just a hint of shimmer. Great for creating colour clashes!"


Monday, 21 May 2012

Free Shimmer Brush with 17

I popped in Boots recently to find that 17 have an offer on, where if you by any "Instant Glow" product, you get a free Shimmer Brush! I've been on a bit of a bronzer hunt, so I thought I'd give this a whirl! I'm going to review this once I've used it a bit, but I really wanted to share the offer so you lovely girls do not miss it!


Monday Motivation #6

Monday Motivation #6


Sunday, 20 May 2012


Hey lovely followers, I've updated my blog sale! Make me an offer!


BARGAIN Superdrug Haul

A very, very quick post on a BARGAIN Superdrug haul. There is ALOT of beauty, make up products on offer with Superdrug, and to be honest I can't believe the stuff I brought and only spent £7.29! I haven't put all the product information and bits and pieces here as I'm going to review everything separately over the next month or so. But I highly recommend you get yourselves into Superdrug and stock up on the bits and pieces you use!

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