Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beautiful Ebay Bargains

I was a little bit inspired by Louise's post for this little blog post, I spend sooo much time on Ebay looking at cute accessories that I LOVE but if I brought them all I'd have no money to live, so I thought I'd share some of the beauts that are always in my watching section! They are all so pretty and great value for money! Bargain!

For some reason I'm becoming more and more obsessed with Owls, I just want everything and anything that happens to be an owl or is printed with an owl pattern! I love this little doorstop, it's just beautiful! So querky and would definitley cheer up my living room! Doorstops are underated! It's only £7.50 and £1 postage


I actually wish I didn't already have about seven cake tins sitting in my cupboards as I think my life would be significantly improved by having these beauties in my life! They are so cute and girly! Cake tins tend to be something that is actually quite expensive, which I've never understood, but these are quite cheap

I really want to get some lovely bunting to hang around my living room, if I had my way or the money I'd hang it everywhere, but I'd ideally love about 2 metres worth to hang across my fireplace. There are sooo many to choose from that I just can't pick a favourite! The first set is £1.99 with £1.60 to cover the posting costs. The second set with lots of little flowers is £4.50. I just think its very cute and a great way to add a bit of colour!

Another thing I'm always tempted to buy on Ebay is cute, shabby chic photo frames, they are just always something that catches my eye even though I have a fireplace full of frames. Still doesn't stop me browsing! I've got such a love of little hanging frames, I don't really know why as I don't actually have anywhere to hang them ha! I just know that when we move I'll have holes with shabby chic things hanging on the walls everywhere! The first ones are available here for £3.50, the standing heart with the buttons is available here for £4.99, and the brown one is available here for £5.99.

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