Tuesday, 13 March 2012

ELF - Totally Teal

On my long list of nail polishes to try was ELF, I'd heard good things about the brand so far and their collection is insanely cheap, possibly the cheapest out there if you compare the sizes. I'd heard that the nail varnish had been a bit hit and miss to be honest, one of them things that some people love, some people hate, but for £1.50 I was not worried about giving it a go!

I chose this really cute "Totally Teal" shade, at the moment I seem to have a bit of a thing for anything that is blue or green in colour. Plus I'm trying to be a bit less boring with the colours I wear, they are generally only darker colours. 

I was really impressed with this nail polish, it was really easy to use and the brush itself seemed to have quite a good quality. I was a little worried about the shape of the lid but it was surprisingly easy to use! I would say though, that the consistency was quite watery really and my first hand did get in a bit of a mess, but I managed to sort that out pretty quickly! My nails have had two coats, but to be honest they were great after just one! It was really had to photograph this colour actually, which is a shame!

Great value product from ELF in my opinion! I'd love to hear what you ladies think?
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