Friday, 9 March 2012

BM Beauty - Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

The one product I was quite eager to try from the prize Glossybox I was sent was the Pure Mineral Eye shadow by BM Beauty, they are not a brand I instantly recognised, so I looked them up.
They actually are a new brand named Beautiful Movements, which has been cofounded by ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt. It’s an all natural, skin friendly brand, created to help protect her skin from the endless make-up she applies to her skin. The range has been made to help women achieve a natural, healthy look and free our faces from harsh chemicals! The prices are not quite as cheap as Rimmel and Maybelline, but not quite as high as Benefit, you’re looking at £12 for mascara.

A little 2g tub of this will set you back £7 in the shops, definitely not the kind of money I have dispersible for eye shadows, but the product is very very good if you do. I’ve never used a loose eye shadow before and I did think I’d end up getting it everywhere, but it was really easy to use. It blends straight into your skin so I imagine it will be fantastic at blending with loads of different colours to create different looks on your eyes. I always struggle to photograph nude shades of things, it’s so difficult to get a decent picture, but I think you can just see the beautiful shimmer it leaves on your skin! I can’t wait to try it out and see the different look and also to see how long it lasts on the skin!

I was really impressed by this product, I guess that is the beauty of the Glossybox, you’ll try things you never would have gone out and brought!
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