Monday, 6 February 2012

Whose job is it to propose?

So I have a question for you ladies; whose job is it to propose? I found this article in Cosmo really, really interesting and it got me thinking.

I’ve never thought about it for more than a second, I imagine it week after week and the only way it ever goes is a man proposing to me. I know some girls take it into their own hands, but if I was going out of my way to propose to my man, I’d be pretty worried why he wasn’t doing it himself? It’s the classic fairytale story of two people falling in love and never looking back!

Now I get why some women do it, I know that whenever Chris starts planning anything that is super secret, I panic and in the end I’m like “PLEASE SAY YOU’RE NOT PROPOSING?” and of course I get that silly look back at me, but the idea of being proposed to when you don’t want to be proposed to is horrendous. I love Chris with all my heart, yes I live with him, we have a pretty serious relationship at 20-years-old, I dream of being lucky enough to marry him, but do I want to be engaged yet? NOPE.

Mainly for three different reasons, firstly, I mock people getting married at our age, how bloody stupid. Yes there are exceptions, people that get married and stay married, but it’s so unlikely these days. You change your mind like wildfire, I remember my first boyfriend at 16, claiming the “till death do us part” crap, and look how that worked out! Secondly, if I judge people that quick what on earth would people think of me! 20 years-old and up the isle! How ridiculous! PLUS I still look about 14, people would never take me seriously! Thirdly, practicality, my parents have no money spare, so despite tradition, when I get married, I’ll be paying for my own wedding, Chris and I barely have two pennies to rub together! There’s no way I want a 6-year-engagment, it’s just not for me!

All those reasons aside, if (/hopefully WHEN) Chris and I get engaged, I want him to be the one on a knee, I don’t think I’ll ever be the one proposing.

I think like Lucy says in the article, I think us women forget, getting engaged is not just a big deal for us, it’s a big deal for the guy too, just like us planning our weddings, guys plan the way they will propose! They have the dream of asking the woman they love to marry them, just as much as we dream of them asking!

What do you ladies think?

If anyone wants to read the article, let me know and I'll email it to you! It's a good read!
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