Thursday, 2 February 2012

Shampoo money saving tip!

So I have always used John Frieda's brunette shampoo for my hair, my hair absolutely loves it and no matter what I try, no other shampoos get along with my hair, it seems to be very particular! It's absolutely fantastic, specially formulated for Brunette locks, designed to bring out the rich deep browns naturally in your hair. The problem is that it's mega expensive and it's only getting worse, it's not on offer as much as it used to be and it's a whopping £5 per tube for a minuscule 250ml! 

Lately I've been using this, VO5 shampoo, but certainly not as a replacement! My contact hours at Uni are getting less and less and I'm spending a lot more time at home. It seems so pointless spending all that money on shampoo when I'm not going anywhere! I can't stand having greasy hair though, if there's anything to curb your workflow it's feeling disgusting, so I've been using this shampoo whilst I'm staying in the house! 

Personally I think it's genius! Haha! The last two times I've brought a bottle it's only been a quid, it's amazing! It's by no means a perfect shampoo, but it's certainly pretty damn good for a quid! Plus I can save my expensive shampoo and save my pennies in the process! 

Do you any of you lovely ladies have a money saving tip?
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