Monday, 13 February 2012

My first MUA disappointment

So I hoped this day would never come, but it has! Ha, so dramatic! 

I brought this MUA mascara when I brought loads of stuff at Christmas, it's available at Superdrug and MUA online for £2. The only description given is;

"Extreme Volume Mascara magnifies lashes for a spectacular false- lash effect."

I'm a really picky mascara user, I like good mascara and I'm famously hard to please when it comes to finding the right mascara. I didn't exactly have high hopes for the MUA mascara, at only £2 to be amazing it would be a miracle! But it is a piece from the new "professional" range rather than the really cheap stuff!

When I opened the product it looked good, the brush was a really nice shape, one that I like to use, I don't like these weird curly brushes. The mascara on the end of the brush looked thick and black and a good consistency. 

But when I went to apply the mascara, there was nothing on the brush! Confused I put the brush back in the pot and swished around, still nothing! On closer inspection what looked like a brush coated in mascara was actually untouched bristles!

I'm unsure whether this mascara was just unfilled, well under filled or if they are all like this? It would be interesting to hear from you ladies!
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