Friday, 24 February 2012

My Body Shop Haul!

So I posted over the weekend about a deal The Body Shop were doing, where if you spent £50 you were given a code to save a whopping 50% and only paid £25! I tried and tried to resist, I really did, but I ended up pleading with Chris to treat me to a few bits! Here is what I ended up buying!

A little while ago Body Shop revamped their hair collection and I've wanted to try it since, so I thought I'd bite the dust! I've never used it before but I hope they are good they smell absolutely amazing!

I've needed a small barrel brush for a while, I accidentally brought a huge one online and it's just too big to do anything, for the equivalent of £3 I couldn't resist!

Oil burner and oils

I mentioned on a post earlier this week that I'm trying different oils and scents to see if they will help me de-stress and sleep better. When I made my order there was 30% off all fragrance, so for 80% I couldn't resist buying this Soapstone Burner and a couple of oils! I opted for Lavender (Chris insisted) and Green Tea and Lemon which is just amazing! The 30% off fragrance offer is still on online here.

I've been mentioning for a while that I want to try and get my hands in better condition, so I opted for this hand butter! Hopefully it will work! It smells amazing but the almond smell is quite strong! It was half price when I brought it at £5, so I bagged it for £2.50!

Hair butter or treatments is not something I've ever looked in to, but when I noticed TBS had launched a new range I had to give it a go!

I've wanted one of these stones in hope of rescuing my feet for a while now, so again thought I'd get one! I'm always conscious that I don't clean my face and exfoliate to my full potential but really don't have the money to spend hundreds of pounds on the electronic specialised things, so for now I'm giving this cute brush a go!

I've been looking for a purse portable perfume for a while, I have the solid perfume from the Love range already, so treated myself to this! Again this has 30% off at the moment so a bargain at £3.50!

A bit deceiving in size, but not too horrendous for a travel set, I've wanted to try TBS brushes for a while, so thought this would be a good option without splashing out on £50+ on brushes that end up being average! I love that it has a little pouch to put your own product!

All these lovely products for a grand total of £31.29 - not too shabby!
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