Monday, 13 February 2012

Beauty UK - Waterproof Mascara No.1 - Black

Beauty UK is never a brand I've ever paid any attention to really, I've seen them a couple of times at the clothes show and maybe as I've walked through shops, but that's it. They seem to be another cheap make-up provider, selling their products on their website, in Superdrug, International and finally Select, which is where I picked up this mascara.
Over Christmas, I had to return something to Select and didn't quite spend my entire exchange allowance (they don't do refunds) and the Beauty UK stand was conveniently placed at the checkout. I just quickly grabbed a waterproof mascara and never thought about it again. Until last night when it resurfaced in a bit of a midnight spring clean. So this morning I thought I'd check it out and share it with you guys, after my last review of the MUA mascara, I was pretty sure it couldn't do much worse! As with all these cheap brands the item description is pretty bland;

Get lush, thick lashes, with our extreme volume, length and lift mascara that wont come off in the rain!

The packaging is a pretty basic design, just a plain silver tube with some black writing. The handle is actually a nice shape, I often find that the handles on most these cheap products are really stupid and infuriating, but it was easy to hold and manoeuvre.

The mascara itself wasn't actually that bad, it did exactly what I expect from a mascara! The consistency was thick and jet black, but didn't clump up my lashes and actually added volume, you can't ask for much else! It did take a VERY long time to dry though and was very sticky, when I closed my eyes or blinked for the next 10-15 minutes my lashes got slightly stuck together - not ideal. Basically the product has its ups and downs, but for £2.50 I'm not sure you can really expect that much. I'm pretty set with my Rimmel mascara, but If you are looking for a cheap mascara that works, I'd definitely go for this rather than the MUA alternative.
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