Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Winter Blues

Although you wouldn’t believe it, there isn’t much I can’t bare in life, but being too cold or too hot is definitely one of the things that I find unbearable.

As previously mentioned in an old blog, the idea of sitting with a nice hot chocolate getting warm, is one of life’s guilty pleasures, getting all snuggled up on the sofa or in bed and escaping the cold. But right now my reality could not be further from the truth. I’m absolutely freezing. Although I said the same thing last year, I can’t help but think to myself that we definitely have to move to a new house/flat next year. The problem is that we don’t have central heating, we have these shitty wall heaters that fail to even warm the immediate space around them, let alone a whole room. Our ceilings are really high as well, so the whole idea of heating in this flat just fails. The only way we can get warmth in, is the little convection heaters that Chris’ mum brought us last year, which I’m sure 99% of the time blow out cold air. Right now I hate this flat, my fingers are frozen and it quite honestly hurts to type.

It makes me wonder why landlords of student accommodation think they can get away with it? Renting out absolute shitholes to people who literally have nowhere to go and have to pay premium prices for low-grade establishments. It’s only the 20th of October and it’s absolutely freezing in this place, much more and it will actually be unliveable. I know for a fact there’s a certain temperature which is deemed healthy to live in, this must be lower! I wish I could just wave a magic wand and my flat could have proper heating and I’d be warm in about 15 minutes.

The ironic thing is that the last time I felt this cold was in a tent in the pissing down rain at Glastonbury. At least then I had hand-warmers.

What makes it worse is that the winter weather is not just a passing tribute. I have a funny feeling it’s here to stay, most weather channels are reporting chances of snow, I even saw a gritter earlier. This morning I had to leave early for a shoot and there was still frost on the path. I thought I’d be mega clever and whip out my new winter boots, but all that happened was that I slipped on the frost, straight down a ditch and twisted my ankle.

This kind of thing happening at 08:27am is why I hate winter.
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