Thursday, 13 October 2011

Reality Television

Reality Television, one of the genres which I think most definitely divides the population, but for me it is one of my guilty pleasures, I absolutely adore it! I completely binge on it from Made in Chelsea, to the Apprentice from My Gypsy Wedding to Don't tell the Bride, I watch it all!

Whilst watching Celebrity Come Dine With Me yesterday I noticed its on its 22nd series?! Which is absolutely amazing in television terms. For something to have made 22 series is kind of unheard of. Especially when my all time favourite show FRIENDS only did 10, and possibly the most famous reality show Big Brother only managed 11!

Of course the need for escapism is one of the most muttered reasons for watching such shows and I'll happily admit it, there isn't much better than getting lost in someone else's problems/successes! I think, even though now most of them are faked, watching someone else panic about trivial things, certainly makes me feel 100 times better!

I can definitely say, without shame(!) that I'd love to work producing reality television in the future after uni! I couldn't think of many better genres to work on! I think it would definitely be a job that would be different everyday and it has such a power over audiences!

My ability to watch every kind of reality show (and most soaps) is something I tend to get ripped for but I definitely think its totally justified as reality tv is arguably one of, if not the most successful genres around!
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