Thursday, 12 July 2018

Thursday Tittle-Tattle #12 | 2018

Hope, Freedom, Love just wouldn't feel complete without my 'Thursday Tittle Tattle' series! 'Thursday Tittle Tattle' has to be my longest running blog series and its home to the posts that get the best feedback from my readers. I'm chuffed that so many of you like it and I'm glad to say it's going nowhere! Thursday Tittle-Tattle is back in 2018, dedicated to bringing you breaking news of the beauty world! Check back (almost) every week to see beauty and lifestyle news, events, discounts and even a bit of fashion news thrown in too)! 

Sleek MakeUP introduces glitter products
Every season Sleek bring something new and exciting to the table and this summer it’s no different! Sleek MakeUP has added lots of new products to their collection, but by far the most exciting is Glitterfest. Glitterfest is a biodegradable glitter, perfect for adding a little extra showbusiness to that makeup look. Of course it’s awesome for festival season and I’m sure people are going to love it! Inside each pack you get 10 grams of glitter, which you can use in a variety of ways and it comes in loads of colours: gold, copper, pink, silver and blue. Glitterfest is available now for £5.49 from Boots. If glitter doesn’t rock your socks, they’ve also introduced 25 new lip liners and eyeliners – hurrah!

New Petal Metal Collection from Smashbox 
Smashbox have collaborated with Instagram star Vlada Haggerty, to create an incredible new collection, which couldn’t be more Instagram worthy (not really surprisingly eh). The collection is a whopping 16-piece beauty and includes everything from pretty lipsticks, gorgeous highlighters and gorgeous shimmer sprays. My favourite piece from the collection looks to be the Petal Metal Powder Highlighter (which retails for £30). It’s packaged in a beautiful rose gold package and the gel-powder highlighter is embossed with a rose. It’s available in three shades, so I think they is a colour for everyone. 

The Barry M Cosmetics Treasure Chest
Barry M Cosmetics has announced the launch of the Treasure Chest eyeshadow palette, which is a gorgeous 18-shade palette, which includes everything from matte hues, to metallic baked eyeshadow shades. Barry M also that the eyeshadows are intensely rich and silky pigments, which means that they are amazing whether you apply to them dry or wet, which intensifies the colour. The palette won’t actually be available until August, but it sounds like it’s worth the wait. It will be priced at £12.99 and you’ll be able to get it from Superdrug!
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