Thursday, 17 May 2018

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One of the things I’ve been excited to do for a long time, was hit up the Biscuiteers Icing School. There is no denying that it’s a little bit Instagram famous, with the world and their wife checking out the Biscuiteers Boutiques. The Notting Hill Biscuiteers Boutique first opened in 2012 and is filled with all the fabulous Biscuiteers products. Whether you want cakes, biscuits, macaroons or chocolates, they truly have a bit of everything for everyone. As well as the most incredible shop, it’s also home to the Biscuiteers Icing School, where you can learn how to decorate your very own biscuits.

When we first arrived at the Biscuiteers Icing School, we checked in and were handed our very own Biscuiteers aprons, before having a little look around at all the products. There is no denying that the Biscuiteers Icing School is all kinds of Instagram glory, with beautiful art work and lovely products. We were there in January, so the shop was flooded with Valentine’s Day inspired goodies, which were just so damn cute! I then ordered a (very good) soy latte, and we all took our seats at the very cute Icing School tables. There were about sixteen of us who were there to learn, with two teachers who took us through the works.

You start by testing the different icing techniques on some practise paper – to my surprise the way you hold the icing bag, makes a huge different to how easy it is! After practising, we started on our first biscuits, which was so damn scary! The first round of biscuits required us to draw an outline around the edge of the biscuits. After you draw your outlines, you then have to flood the biscuit with the flooding icing, before baking them to set the colour. Once they come out of the oven, you then start the decorating, which brings them all to life. We also tried some other decorating techniques, which didn’t include flooding and allowed us to do some extra practising whilst our first round of biscuits were baking. 

Let me tell you that it all looks a lot easier than it is and I found myself frequently frustrated at my lack of hand-eye co-ordination! However, the Biscuiteers Icing School team were amazing at spotting when we were stuck and stepping in to help us out. They also kept us well topped up with soy lattes, which let’s be honest, goes a long way to help! Despite the frustration, I found the class actually quite fun, it was amazing to switch off for a couple of hours and laugh with a good friend. The price of the class covers the tuition from the Biscuiteers Icing School experts, the full set of biscuits (which you take home), the biscuit tin, the Biscuiteers Icing School apron and your refreshments whilst you’re in the class – so all round, I think it’s great value! 
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