Saturday, 21 April 2018

Great Ways To Celebrate National Tea Day | 21st April

There’s really no denying that us brits love a cuppa, whether it’s an old-fashioned English breakfast brew, or a relaxing cup of peppermint, I’m down! So, it’s no surprise that in here in Britain, we enjoy more than 60 billion cups of team every year – yes – 60 billion! In celebration of National Tea Day, BuyAGift have pulled together a whole host of facts and figures, all about our love of tea. For example, did you know that 76% of the population here in the UK, drink tea every day? With 165 million cups being consumed every day, which works out 3 per day for every man, woman and child. This all equates to huge amounts of money too, with £654 million being spent on tea in 2015.  It’s all quite wild figures, but let’s be honest, it’s really not that surprising! 

A good excuse for afternoon tea
I’ve spoken many times about my love for BuyAGift and their amazing experiences, I think I’m keeping them afloat, purely on my purchases alone! Afternoon tea experiences are a big deal for them and it’s no surprise that they are seeing it surge in popularity! In fact, sales in afternoon tea experiences alone have grown 87% since 2014! Some of my favourites include the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, or the perfectly understated Chocoholics Afternoon Tea at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane! If you’re looking for a way to mark National Tea Day, I highly recommend treating yourself to an experience from BuyAGift, they offer incredible value and I’m a big believer that we all need to get out the house and make more memories with our loved ones! I’m absolutely adore getting dressed up, taking loads of pictures and sharing a day with my nearest and dearest! If you’re looking for suggestions, check out my blog post on afternoon tea here.

Wow your friends with pointless facts
Or, if you just want a giggle, check out the BuyAGift infographic for National Tea Day. It’s full of hilarious facts about tea, including that 8% of us would love to share tea with Boris Johnson! I can tell you that I never thought I’d write his name on my beauty blog!

#NotSponsored - I just love tea, cake and BuyAGift
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