Thursday, 5 April 2018

50 Years of Double-Lash from Mavala | Makeup

If you had asked me how old Mavala was, I would never had guessed that they were old enough to have a product that is entering its 50th year of existence! Starting in the 1960's, Double-Lash* has been transforming lashes throughout all the decades that followed. From the heavy coating of top and bottom lashes in the 60s, to the natural makeup of the 70s, the bold blue hues of the 80s, the nude over-plucked brow of the 90s, the clumpy lashes of the noughties and finally the glam, bold lashes and brows of 2018 - they've had us completely covered!

So, it's pretty damn surprising that I've never heard of this beauty, despite being Mavala's best-selling product and it being a whopping 50 years old. For five whole decades, the lash serum has been helping people all across the world to achieve thicker, longer and luscious looking lashes. Double-Lash treatment is rich in vitamins and proteins, which revitalise the growth of your lashes, making your eyelashes and brows stronger and thicker. It even helps to stop hair loss for your lashes and brows. 

The routine behind Mavala is pretty simple and you can use it in loads of different ways! You can use it as a lash primer before using mascara, which gives you a perfect silky base. You can use it as a one-step nightly treatment, so all the goodness can get to work as you sleep. You can even use it to create a barely-there makeup look - as Double-Lash can give you a natural and defined lash look.

To celebrate this amazing 50-year achievement, Mavala has released a little limited-edition kit, which is great for any lash lover! It comes packaged in a lovely into box, with the full-size Double-Lash product and the amazing Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Gel. It's the perfect partner in crime, as it ensures you remove all the makeup form your eyelashes, before you apply the genius Double-Lash treatment. The set is available right now, priced at just £15.50 - you can pick it up at John Lewis and Look Fantastic. 
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