Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Let's get crackin' | Easter from Lush

The Easter collection from Lush is always hotly anticipated from fans all around the globe. So, it's no surprise that Lush always go out to bring a collection which will be better than the year before. This year Lush have brought back some firm fan favourites, including the Golden Egg bath bomb melt and The Carrots reusable bubble bar. However, they've also had some exciting brainwaves, bringing some special inventions building on this year's 'Naked' theme. Let's take a look at some of this year's products and the low down on everything you need to try…

Wash Behind Your Ears Shampoo Bar* (£6.50)
Let's kick things off with something I've never tried before and that's the Lush Shampoo Bars! Sadly, this one's little ears didn't survive the journey, but I don't think that stops its uber-cuteness. No matter your hair type, this little shampoo bar, will let you wash behind your ears with glee! It's made with detoxifying carrot and cleansing lemon oils, meaning that your hair is clean and shiny, but not stripped. It even has elements of cider vinegar to balance your scalp, plus lemon myrtle oil to lift spirits.

April Showers Bath Bomb* (£3.95)
I think this gorgeous April Showers Bath Bomb is my favourite from the whole collection - is it not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! The April Showers Bath Bomb is a beautiful white cloud, filled with colourful rain drops. When you drop this bath bomb into hot water, you'll clear any cloudy skies (or at least cloudy moods) with the blend of cedarwood and cypress oil. Of course, the bath bomb includes some gorgeous cocoa butter, to leave the skin feeling gorgeous.

Cream Egg Bubbleroon* (£3.75)
Who doesn't love a cream egg at Easter?! Well this beauty is unlike anything you've had before. The Cream Egg Bubbleroon is scented with an incredible blend of mint-chocolate, which couldn't be more perfect for Easter time! Simply crumble this under the running water, the Fair Trade organic cocoa and shea butters melt, leaving the water looking like a lovely blue lagoon. We all know that mint has amazing relaxing properties and as you soak in your bath, Lush say you will feel 'eggsellent'.

Here Comes The Sun Naked Shower Cream* (£9.75)
If you've missed all the other Lush collections this year, you may not have heard about the Lush Naked campaign. This year they are banishing unnecessary packaging, which means even their shower gels don't come in bottles! The Here Comes The Sun Naked Shower Cream is all about banishing the winter, with fresh scents of bergamot oil and fresh orange juice. The lovely ingredients include more gorgeous shea butter, mushrooms, avocado oil, tangerine and Sicilian mandarin oils.

Carrot Soap* (£5.95) 
Lush have nicknamed this one "I am root", thanks to this root vegetable properties! Like the rest of the collection, it's all about refreshing for spring and this one really does take things up a level! It will lather up under the water, making beautiful soft bubbles. As you've probably guessed by the design, the ingredients include fresh carrot and carrot powder, giving it a lovely orange colour and it will gently cleanse and brighten skin. The other ingredients include warm benzoin, cedarwood and tangerine oils, which will de-stress and leave the mind clear.

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