Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A whole new way to Instax | Instax Square SP-3 Printer

There's no denying that I love my Instax printer, there's nothing I enjoy more than getting a little polaroid print, that I have instantly and get to keep forever. However, there's no denying that despite all my video and photography training - using a polaroid printer is really hard work. It's all somewhat unpredictable and I got a bit fed up of wasting loads of money on film for pictures that were subpar. Although many people will say it's all part of the fun (and I agree), I just wanted something where I could print something a little more 'perfect'.

To solve this problem, I was toying with the idea of getting one of the new Instax cameras, which are equipped with the little screen. However, for my birthday, Chris found the Instax Square SP-3 Printer, which I've been playing with ever since. It's a little black printer, which you connect to your phone and can then print anything you have in your camera role. It means you can print anything from selfies, to landscapes, to more macro shots of makeup and food, which you normally can't print. I love that at any moment I can print the photos that feel special for me and have them in polaroid form forever more! 

I have to be honest and say it's not without error though! Especially if you have a very bright image, or white is the bulk of the colour of the picture. You have to remember that the polaroid automatically makes the picture much brighter, so if you've made the photo super bright on your phone, the likelihood is that you won't see the detail once you've printed it. Nevertheless, I learnt that little nugget very quickly and now I just edit things a little darker than I normally would! 

So if you love polaroid cameras and like me, you're a little fed up and need something a little more predictable, I highly recommend this beauty from the Instax family. As the Instax Square SP-3 Printer is brand new, it retails for £174.99 and you can get it from most good camera stores. If you want something a little cheaper, there's the Instax Square SP-2 Printer, which is about £50 cheaper if you can track it down.  
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