Friday, 5 January 2018

Why I’m beautyblenders #1 fan

For me 2017 may as well be called “the year of the beautyblender” – yes it’s been around for twenty years, but it took me twenty years to discover and appreciate it’s beauty. It’s completely transformed my makeup routine and some other tools that I considered “perfect” have been shunned to the side lines. Today I wanted to walk you through some of my favourite products from beautyblender and why I love them as much as I do! 

beautyblender original* (£16 here)
Of course, I had to kick things off with the good old beautyblender original, the one pictured here is actually the ‘Pro version’ (made in black to hide staining), but they do of course come in loads of different colours. The whole premise of the beautyblender is its innovative open cell structure, that retains moisture to minimise make up absorption. This means that waste very little product. You simply ‘bounce’ the wet beautyblender onto the skin to distribute the product. Meaning that you get a beautiful flawless finish on the skin, with your foundation looking basically undetectable – genius! 

beautyblender beauty.blusher* (£14 here)
Now I mentioned that the beautyblender comes in lots of different colours, but it also comes in lots of different shapes too. This one is the beauty.blusher, which is created in grey as that you’re able to see the blusher on the sponge – the normal pink ones would just blend in. It’s a medium size, which means it’s much better suited for applying blusher to the cheeks. Use the rounded bottom of the sponge to apply to the round apples of the cheeks, or opt to use the point, for a more precise application. 

beautyblender micro minis* (£14.50 here)
Finally we have the beautyblender micro minis, which really do take things to the cute domain. This are teeny, tiny green sponges which are idea for using on the smaller, hard to reach areas of the face. They are fantastic to use around the nose, or in the eye contour for concealer and even around the brows. You could even use them to blend eyeshadow or highlighter, for a truly flawless finish! They have the same material and iconic beautyblender shape, but just in a teeny tiny package. Super sweet! 

beautyblender Liner.Designer* (£14 here)
What I love about beautyblender is that they don’t stop at sponges, oh no! They have a whole range of other accessories, which will serious change your makeup life. First up we have the Liner.Designer, which looks just like a pink guitar plectrum. There is one straight edge and two rounded edges, all in a firm yet flexible product. The whole idea of this is that you use it to create perfect eyeliner looks – simply hold it against the outer corner of your eye, and draw against the edge to create a perfect flick! Of course, they’ve thought of everything – packaging it in a mirrored compact which has a suction cup. Meaning that you have a mirror, that you can stick to any surface – leaving you hands free!

beautyblender Blotterazzi* (£16 here)
If you’re like me and really suffer with oily skin, you’re going to need the beautyblender Blotterazzi! Inside this tiny, skinny compact, there are two blotting cushions – simply dab the sponges over the oily areas of your face to leave your skin looking matte again. The sponges slip straight back into their ventilated case, which keeps your sponges dry, fresh and hygienic. Of course, the sponges still have their iconic egg shape, just in a flatter design, so help them stay portable! Pop the mirrored compact into your handbag to ensure you have an effortless blotting option on you at all times!

beautyblender pure solid cleanser* (£14 here)
Of course we all need something to clean our products with and that’s where the beautyblender pure solid cleanser comes into play! Just massage a small amount of the solid cleanser into your damp sponge and the cleanser works to destroy all traces of make-up. The solid formula makes it incredibly easy to use and I love that you can get a little pot for it, so that you can keep it safe both in the bathroom and on the go! 

I would love to know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think of them! I know that I’m completely blown away by the beautyblender brand and I can’t wait to add more sponges to my collection – I just can’t get enough!

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