Friday, 19 January 2018

GOSH Mix & Fix Colour Drops | Budget Beauty

Finding that perfect foundation shade is no easy task, even with the shade range in the markets dramatically increasing in recent years. One of the hardest things for me is keeping my foundation shade consist all year long, as my skin tone is prone to a lot of change. One minute I’m tanned, but then my tan fades, often to reveal a much redder complexion. Therefore, it can be quite a pricey task to keep your foundation range topped up for all eventualities. This is why I’m loving the new Mix & Fix Colour Drops* from GOSH, as they allow you to change your foundation shade, without reinvesting in something brand new – the ultimate budget beauty essential! 

There are five shades of the Mix & Fix Colour Drops, which all work to fix a different skin tone issue. This allows you to correct any liquid makeup, or moisturiser, so it becomes your perfect fit. The five shades include 001 Light, which lightens the colour of your products – simply add in a few drops and mix. Next, we have 002 Green, which is all about neutralising redness, which you can use in two different ways. Either dab it on small red irritations, or mix it into a primer and apply it under your foundation. 003 Purple is perfect for covering dark and yellow spots, or hyper-pigmentation – it works best when you mix it with a primer. If you find your foundation a bit too light, you need 004 Dark, which will darken any liquid product. Then finally we have 005 Masala, which has been designed to review the ashiness from darker foundation shades.

What’s even more exciting is that these Mix & Fix Colour Drops have been infused with some really lovely ingredients! There is Cherry Blossom Oil, which is rich in anti-oxidant levels and soothing properties. The oil has lovely anti-inflammatory properties, which works to repair the skin’s natural barriers. Then we also have Samphire Oil, which is great at improving hydration levels in the skin, preventing hydration. All in all, these are really lovely products and a perfect budget solution for matching your foundation to your skin tone. The Mix & Fix Colour Drops will launch in January, priced at £9.99 each. 
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