Saturday, 18 November 2017

NIVEA x Matthew Williamson

I think it’s really nice when a brand takes something a little bit ordinary, but gives it a new exciting, extraordinary twist. This is exactly what NIVEA have done this season, thanks to their new collaboration with British designer Matthew Williamson. Matthew is world-renowned for his highly recognisable designs, which are very feminine and bohemian. Whether he’s creating colourful prints, or hand-embroidery – his pieces are designed to be timeless and so they can appear year after year. 

The collaboration has been created to bring attention to the importance of picking a good deodorant. Whilst investing in beautiful fashion is an amazing feeling, the amazing feeling will only last if you can keep them fresh – which makes your deodorant choice an important one. In celebration of this (and beautiful timeless fashion), NIVEA has partnered with Matthew Williamson to launch a new Limited-Edition NIVEA Black & White Deodorant. At the launch of the new product, Matthew Williamson said, “I have a passion for designing truly timeless pieces… but the question I ask myself when I’m designing is “will this dress make women feel better about themselves?” I believe fashion holds the power to do this!”.

The deodorant has been finished with a beautiful elegant and exclusive new design, with accents of black, pink and green. It really does give a pretty finish to something that can otherwise be a bit boring (sorry NIVEA). The NIVEA Black and White Deodorant leaves no white marks and helps prevent build-up of yellow stains on clothes, meaning black stays black, white stays white – the perfect way to protect your precious clothes! The partnership with Matthew Williamson is strictly limited edition, available on the 250ml NIVEA Black & White by Matthew Williamson bottles. The best bit is that it’s super cheap, retailing at just £3.28, available at major retailers nationwide, including Boots and Superdrug!
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