Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Haircare Essentials | Invisibobble Festive Releases

Six months ago, I could count on one hand the amount of times I’d put my hair up. It used to be a really rare occurrence, but nowadays it happens all the time! Whether I’m in the gym, slumming it in my PJs or making a bad attempt to keep cool in the sun, I’m finding my hair up more and more often. So naturally I’ve been finding that the standard hair ties really don’t do the job for me. I need something that will hold my hair up, without destroying any existing hair style I have on the go!

I’ve had a couple of Invisibobbles in my collection for a while, so I was really excited by the prospect of these new festive designs! The whole premise of Invisibobble is that they have a unique peculiar telephone cord shape. This means that when they are wrapped around the hair, an Invisibobble band places uneven pressure around the hair. This gives your hair a little more space to breathe, holding your hair in place, without being too tight or forceful. This means that there isn’t a consistent place to kink the hair, so when you remove the band, there are no obvious marks. Clever right? 

Here I have the Invisibobble Tea Party Spark* and Golden Adventure* sets, which are both special colour ways for Christmas time. Tea Party Spark is finished with rose gold glitter and as you’d expect, Golden Adventures features golden glitter. So both sets are perfect for the festive season – but let’s be honest, I’ll be wearing these all year round.

These lovely new sets both feature three hairbands, which are each traceless, non-soaking and hair-caring. They are also created to avoid headaches, whilst still offering a strong grip. Both sets arrive in a clear plastic box, which has a cute bow design, which matches the colours inside. There’s not really much more to say about these, they are fabulous quality, at a tiny price point and they work! You can pick up both these sets at Boots for a tiny £4.95, making them a fabulous stocking filler this Christmas! 

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