Friday, 10 November 2017

Merry & Bright | The essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, at-home manicure for the festive season, I may have the product for you! I’m always first in line for a new essie release and I’m pleased to report that the new essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection doesn’t disappoint! The latest collection from essie is perfect for the festive season, as it’s been inspired by luxury jewels and all things glitz and glamour!

If you’re unaware with the essie Gel Couture range, it’s the latest range of nail polish from the brand. It features a new ‘twisted’ bottle, which helps you identify this range apart for the classic essie range. The new formula is gel-inspired, offering a long-lasting finish in beautiful shades. It’s a two-step process, offering the new base colours, plus their matching glossy top coat, which sets everything in place. The polishes even have a fancy rounded-tip and a twisted stem inside the bottle. 

As I mentioned, this year’s holiday collection has six lovely shades, inspired by magnificent jewels, which all shimmer and shine – and of course, they all have the genius essie naming conventions too! First up we have ‘Jade To Measure’, which is a brilliant emerald green accented with sapphire blue. ‘Gold Gilding’ is a lustrous bronze gold brushed with carnation pink. ‘Diamond In The Cuff’ is a subtle glistening blush ivory, which is perfect for any occasion. No Christmas collection is complete without a deep, fiery red, which is exactly what you get from Rue De La Ruby. ‘Graced In Garnet’ is a probably my favourite, thanks to it’s aubergine purple finish. The final shade is ‘Amethyst Noir’ which is an even deeper shade of purple, with a glimpse of jet burgundy.

All-in-all the 2017 essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection has everything you could ever need, for your festivities and the colder months. I can never resist a pop of purple and glitter, so I’m really impressed that the collection offers both. All the shades in the collection retail for £9.99 and they are available right now! As always, they are strictly limited edition, so they will be available at Superdrug until 2nd January 2018 and at Boots until 28th December 2017.

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