Thursday, 28 September 2017

A leather manicure | Essie x Rebecca Minkoff

Here’s some hot news for all the Essie fans out there! This season Essie is launching their ‘Leathers Collection*’, which was created in collaboration with none other, than Rebecca Minkoff! The collection, inspired by Rebecca Minkoff’s best-selling handbag colours, will be available soon and it’s all kinds of pretty. Let’s take a closer look…

The Essie Leather Collection by Rebecca Minkoff is being released in two separate mini kits. They arrive in the cutest box, which has been designed to resemble a lilac handbag – I just can’t get over how sweet they are! Inside each box you find three different chic mini shades.  Fans of Rebecca Minkoff will know that leather accessories are at the heart of her brand. So, it was only natural that Rebecca brought this love to her limited Essie collection. Therefore, all of the shades have been designed to have a brand new, semi-matte leather finish – so that your nails can perfectly match your handbags. Sweet right? In essence the new effect, captures the rich, buttery feel of the finest leather, with a glossy luster finish, which creates a lovely luminous effect. 

The first mini kit has a very rock’n’roll feel to it, featuring three moody colours. There is Tote-ally in Love (a deep oxblood red), next we have In Hot Purse-uit (a rich indigo blue) and finally there’s Back in the Saddle (a polished dark blue-green). The second kit is much brighter and airy, which beautiful bright shades. Inside this kit you have Push the Envelope (a plush lilac with a soft glitter), Cross-body Heat (a lovely rosy mauve) and finally you have Bucket List (a lovely turquoise green).

I’m absolutely obsessed with these new colour combinations from Essie and the formulation is really beautiful. When I first heard that they were “leather effect” I was expecting a weird textured finish, when in fact these are just beautiful and so easy to wear. I love that the collection features everything from dark moody shades, to a pretty pop of bright colour and the packaging really just ties everything together so beautifully! The collection launched yesterday and will be strictly available until October 24th in Boots. Each of the mini sets retail for £12.99, which contain three 5ml shades – totally affordable! 

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