Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New Monsoon Home Fragrance Collection | Seaspray & Cotton

I know I’m not alone when I say I’m a little bit obsessed with home fragrance. Whether it’s a new candle, or my latest obsession with diffusers – I’m always testing and trying new scents. So, when I saw that high street retailer, Monsoon, had announced the launch of their first-ever range of home fragrances – I was totally sold! Keep reading for the full low down and why you’re going to need these beauties...

Being Monsoon, I knew this new home fragrance collection wouldn’t disappoint – from start to finish the whole experience is so unique and luxurious. The beautiful collection has everything you need to feel calm and leave your home smelling glorious. Both the diffusers and candles arrive in stunning heavy glass containers, which gives you that premium feel from the minute you pick up the box. On the front of each product these is an iconic Monsoon metalwork pattern, which changes colour depending on the scent you’ve picked. It’s an absolutely stunning design, which will fit into any home and every style of home d├ęcor. 

The candles* are square, with a stunning metal lid that sits on the top – which is the attention to detail we’ve come to expect from the really premium brands. The diffuser* is also square, but in more of a jar design so that the diffuser sticks can sit delicately in the top. I’ve had both products sitting in my lounge for a week and I think they are utterly gorgeous – a real touch of fashionable home glamour!

There are four scents to choose from in the collection: Amber & Frankincense, Seaspray & Cotton, Grapefruit & Vetivert, plus Bergamot & Fig. I was really lucky and have had the chance to try the Seaspray and Cotton range*, which is just a really beautiful scent. As you would guess, it’s a marine fragrance with notes of a salty oceanic mist, fresh cotton, green moss, seaweed and musk. It is a really perfect ‘fresh’ scent, which just makes your home smell clean and tidy. I have to say that the minute I opened the diffuser it wafted all the way through the flat, with the aroma following you from room to room. 

I’m really impressed with the new Monsoon Home Fragrance Collection, not only does it look premium, it also acts like a premium product too! All the soothing candles and uplifting diffusers launched back in June, so it’s officially possible to get your hands on them! Each candle and diffuser is available from Monsoon stores, or the Monsoon website, both priced at £17 each. 
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